Ewing Family


The Y-DNA Project of the Ewing Family Association welcomes your questions and comments: dna@ewingfamilyassociation.org.

Analysis of the Y-DNA results for the Ewing Family Association has led to a number of technical reports.  All are pdf files.

  • 67-marker Report - This page reports Ewing Project results only for the 30 STR markers that extend the Family Tree
    DNA (FTDNA) 37-marker panel to 67 markers, and presupposes a working knowledge of the Ewing
  • 67-marker Table - Table of data used in the 67-marker Report
  • 111-marker Table - Table of data used in the 111-marker Report
  • DYF399X Report - DYF399X [may] be helpful to men who have already identified a group of genetically closely related men for which
    they are trying to get better genetic branch resolution. For the Ewing Project, this means that it could be helpful for members of any of the subgroups of Groups 1 and 2 to have this test.
  • SNP Report - reports on actual Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) testing undertaken by Ewing Project participants and presupposes a working knowledge of the project and how its groups are organized.
  • Modal Comparison - Table of the 37-marker results of the "Ewing modal" vs various groups and subgroups.