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The Ewing Family Journal (EFJ) is currently published twice a year.  (Through 2014, it was published quarterly.) It provides articles on biographical, genealogical, and historical topics related to Ewing-related families.

In its original series, the Journal was known as "Journal of Clan Ewing".  The title changed to "Ewing Family Journal" as of the February, 2009 issue. When we refer to "the Journal", that includes issues appearing under either name.

Special note.  In some copies of the Journal (and other older EFA files), you will find links to files at Dropbox.com.  These reflect an older filing system, and they may not work for you.   We are working on this problem. 8/31/16

Electronic/Online Access

The EFJ is currently published in electronic (PDF) as well as printed form. Subscriptions are normally part of membership in the Ewing Family Association.

Supporting Materials: Some items appearing in the Journal refer to supporting materials which are too lengthy or too volatile to include in printed copies.

Online Availability of Issues and Articles

Transcriptions of Vols. 1-6 (1994-2000) are, with many thanks to James R. McMichael, available online. In addition, many of the reports and articles from recent volumes have been posted to this web site. For example, all of the articles from the Ewing Surname Y-DNA Project are available online. Other online material from issues of the Journal include reports related to Ewing Family Gatherings and articles on Southwestern Pennsylvania Ewings.

Starting in 2006 with Volume 12, we have begun to provide full text PDF copies of the Journal on a time-delayed basis.  Currently, issues are put online two years after initial publication.  When published, EFA members and other subscribers receive the Journal in hard copy (printed) form or by email PDF files.  Follow this link for Recent Volumes (12 and onward).

Tables of Contents. 

For convenient search and browsing, we have extracted the Tables of Contents of Journal issues from 2005 to the present as a PDF file.


Unsolicited submissions are welcome. Electronic copy is preferred and should be sent to the Editor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Publication History

Publishing of the Ewing Family Journal (previously Journal of Clan Ewing) began in 1994. The first two issues were published in August and November 1994. They were not designated with a Volume and Number. The February 1995 issue is designated as Vol. 1 No. 3 as it was the third issue of the Journal. The Journal is currently published twice yearly.