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I'm not sure I have any Ewing ancestors, but I'd sure like to know!

Query by Cecilia L. Fabos-Becker (celia.lfsbecker at sbcglobal dot net)

I'm related to the Mills family: Rosannah Mills who married William Lemar in 1796 in Tennessee. Her oldest half-brother was John Mills, son of Capt. John Mills whose second wife was Mary Christian. Capt. John Mills, born 1725-28, died in Botetourt County, Virginia, intestate, in the autumn of 1780, and his son John Mills Jr. was named administrator of his estate (according to court records). This John Mills Jr. went to Jefferson County, Tennessee where some people have Capt. John Mills erroneously listed as married to Martha Ewing, instead of July Ewing, and settling in the early 1800s. There were multiple John Mills in this county from at least three lines. Mary (Christian) Mills, widow of Capt. John Mills married, second, John McIntyre in Botetourt County in 1782 (as shown in records of Botetourt and two lawsuits between McIntyre and his step-children in Tennessee). Thus, unless there were two Capt. John Mills, there is a problem with identifying the husband of July Ewing as Capt. John Mills. Also, I looked in Augusta or Botetourt records for her marriage. Bear in mind that until sometime in the 1780s, some of the marriage records for Augusta listed only the groom's name, not the bride's name. Also check Rockbridge County. I have no doubt whatsoever that July Ewing married a John Mills, and it might even turn out to be the half-brother of my ancestor Rosannah (Mills) Lemar, but it was not the one most often referred to as Captain who had estate administration records showing he died in 1780 and of whom other records showed his second wife (married in 1760/61) was a Mary Christian. By the way, I'm a Clan Wallace and Clan Campbell researcher, and I majored in history and anthropology in college.