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    The following information is taken from the Ireland research report commissioned by Clan Ewing in America and made in 1995:


    Births & Baptisms

    1656 - 1st May Alexander, son of Alexander Ewing of Penyburne Mill, born & bapt

    1656 - 3rd Oct Allexander, son of William Ewing, bapt 9th Oct

    1657 - 26th Mar Alexander, son of Alexander Ewing, born 2nd Apr

    1658 - 19th Jan Isabell, dtr of John Ewing of this parish

    1658 - Dec Joseph, son of Alexander Ewing, of this parish; bapt 30th Dec

    1695/6 - 28th Mar Samuall, son of Mr. John Euins and Mary his wife, bapt

    1701 - 4th July Mary, dtr of Humphrey Ewing and Isaball his wife, bapt.


    1655 - 27th Dec William Norrey and Elizabeth Ewing; witnesses William Ewing, Jas Bogs

    1658 - 18th Nov banns & marriage, John Ewing of Ray parish and Isabell Nelson; Thos Broome, Thos Burnett and others being present

    1660 - 21st Aug banns & marr of Jas Bogs and Jennet Ewing

    1683 - 3rd Dec John Ewing and Jennett Wilson; both of this parish, md by licence by Mr. Seth Whitle

    1684 - 18th Dec William Martin and Jeane Ewing, both of this parish, by publication

    1685 - 5th May Alexander Ewing and Martha Shirrer, both of this parish

    1685 - Samual Ewing and Margarat Lenox, both of this parish, md by licence by Mr William Ker, clarck

    Note: marr of William Ewing & Agnes Anderson is listed twice, as per book


    1655 - 8th Dec Frances, dtr of William Ewing

    1656 - 6th May Alexander, son of Alexander Ewing of Penyburne Mill

    1657 - 7th Feb [blank] dtr of Alexander Ewing

    1659 - 18th July Alexander Ewing of Penyburne

    1675 - 16th Aug [blank] son of Elexender Ewing (page 224)

    1684 - 24th May Nathaniel, son of Samuel Ewing and Katherine his wife

    1685 - 3rd May Margaret Ewing, widow

    1686 - 2nd April Katherine Ewing widow, of Bart

    1686 - 24 June Thomas, son of Alexander Ewing and Elizabeth his wife

    1694 - 24th Feb Robert, son of Alexander Ewing and Elizabeth his wife

    1695 - 22nd April James, son of Samuel Ewing and Margratt his wife (note, his son p. 224)

    1695/6 - 1st Mar Mary, dtr of Samuall Ewing and Margaret his wife

    1697/8 - 3rd mar Samual, son of Samual Ewing and Margaret his wife

    1701 - 3rd Aug Mr. Samual Ewing


    1654 - 20th June Thos Ewing witness ar marr of Rory O'Ruddan & Agness McDevitt

    1661 - 20th Mar Jennett Ewing gossip (godparent) to Josia Porter, son of William

    1664 - 27th Mar John & Isabell Ewing gossips to Isabell McKall

    1703-c, 1750

    Baptisms, Marriages & Burials - Lot illegible. It appears that the dates were written in the report as they were recorded in the ledgers. The calendar change was not considered. The second date below most likely should have been written as 1st Feb 1712/13.


    May 1705 John son of William Ewing & Hannaw his wife

    1st Feb 1712 William son of Joshua Ewing & Margaret, wife

    27th July 1712 Jeane dtr of Joshua/Joseph Ewing & Margaret

    4th Apr 1725 Ann dtr of John Porter & Sarah Deal

    17th Sept 1726 Sarah dtr of William Joshua Ewing & Sarah

    4th July 1728 James son of Joseph Porter & Mary

    8th Mar 1729 Joshua Ewing


    14th Nov 1706 Mary dtr of John Ewing & Mary his wife

    3rd Jan 1707 William son of Joshua Ewing & Mary

    11th Oct 1708 James son of James Ewing & Mary

    6th Jan 1709 John son of Humphrey Ewing & Eliz.

    23rd Feb 1710 John son of James Ewing & Mary, wife

    16th June 1713 Samuel son of Samuel Ewing & Margaret

    29th June 1713 Jean (later overwritten as Margaret wife of Joshua Ewing

    13th May 1714 John Ewing

    30th Sept 1716 John Porter

    Feb 1718 William Ewing (merchant)

    May 1718 Jeane. Dtr of Joshua Ewing & Mary

    Apr 1719 Sara dtr of Joshua Ewing & Sara his wife

    May 1719 Margaret dtr of William Ewing & Jean his wife

    May 1719 Edward son of William Ewing (decd) & Mary, wife

    Nov 1719 Samuel son of Samuel Ewing (decd) & Margaret, wife

    Dec 1719 Samuel son of William Ewing (decd) & Joan his wife

    1721 John Ewing, alderman(?)

    1st June 1723 Mary dtr of Joshua Ewing & Mary his wife

    12th Apr 1724 Eliz. wife of Humphrey Ewing

    1724 Mary dtr of Joshua Ewing & Mary his wife

    16th Aug 1724 Mary dtr of Joshua Ewing & Mary his wife

    1st Jan 1726 William Ewing

    19th June 1728 John Ewing

    2nd Jan 1730 Ann dtr of Humphrey Ewing & Eliz his wife

    14th Apr 1730 Mrs. Mary Ewing

    14th Mar 1731 Samuel Ewing junior

    23rd July 1732? Mrs. Margaret Ewing

    Aug 1740 Jane dtr of Humphrey Ewing

    May 1747 Mr. Patrick Ewing


    30th Aug 1709 Stephen Young & Margaret Porter

    23rd Jan 1710 Robert Deane & Margaret Porter

    14th Dec 1712 Adam Porter & Jennet Lockard

    21st Feb 1718 George Hegarty & Elinor Ewing

    21st Apr 1718 Samuel Ewing & Jane Gardner

    2nd Mar 1721/2 Nathaniel Ewing & Reachall Porter

    8th Jan 1723 James McVane & Isabell Porter

    17th Apr 1724 James Houston & Jane Ewing

    1724 Robert Porter & Jane Loughlin

    7th Jan 1725 Andrew Lathan & Jane Porter

    June 1725 William Ewing & Jean McCron

    July 1725 James Graham & Martha Ewing

    5th May 1726 Adam Stewart & Ann Ewing

    26th Sep 1726 Joseph Edwards & Jane Porter

    26th Sep 1726 Hugh Conor & Sarah Porter

    10th Feb 1732 Robert McConor & Jane Porter

    Oct 1735 James Gratt(?) & Jane Porter

    Dec 1726 Robert Porter & Jane Walker

    Aug 1740 David Porter & Rebecca Brymer

    Jan 1741 John Ewing & Eliz Boyd

    Oct 1744 William Ewing & Meary Miller

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