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Ewing Family Origins
Thor Ewing

Thor Ewing is a writer, historian and historical performer in the UK; he has published studies of Viking and Anglo-Saxon culture and translations of medieval Scandinavian and Celtic poetry. He joined the Ewing Surname Y-DNA Project in 2007 (he is JT in Group 2*), and his own line comes through Lurgan, County Armagh, in Northern Ireland. He is web master for the Clan Ewen Society, and his recent New Notes on Clan Ewen (2009) looks at how modern Ewings and MacEwens originate in the clans of medieval Scotland.
Who Were the Ewings?
Ewing Family J., Vol. 16, No. 1 (February 2010), pp. 1-9.
  "The surname 'Ewing' first appears in Scotland around the year 1500. In his Clan Ewing of Scotland, E. W. R. Ewing claims that the name was used in Lowland Scotland from a much earlier date, but all the examples he lists refer to the use of the name 'Ewan' as a forename rather than as a surname. However, from the late fifteenth century through the sixteenth century the surname becomes common, though spellings vary. The most usual spelling is 'Ewyne', which is also the standard sixteenth-century spelling for the forename 'Ewan', but the spelling 'Ewing' appears at a surprisingly early date (at least by 1566) and is used consistently in a fairly well-defined area centered on Loch Lomond. Ewings across the world today can frequently trace their origins to this same small area of sixteenth-century Scotland. But where did these Ewings come from? Why do they suddenly appear here at this time?"

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