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Sketches of the Families of Thomas Ewing and Mary Maskell, William Ewing and Eleanor Thompson, James Ewing and Eleanor Rhea and their Descendants, ...

Joseph Lyons Ewing
The Stratford Commercial Job Printery
Stratford, New Jersey, 1910

Transcribed by Patricia E. Hammond, July 2008

From the Introduction: "The chief object of our effort is to compile a trustworthy record of so much of the Ewing family or families since early in the eighteenth century, as will disclose to those among whom our book may circulate, an intelligent account of those ancestral lines which trace back to the original Scotch-Irish stock. To accomplish our purpose we shall be obliged to come down from two starting points, the one in the union of Findley Ewing and Jane Porter of Londonderry, Ireland, in the year 1690, the other in the union of William Ewing and Eleanor Thompson of Pennsylvania, prior to the Revolutionary War, or about 1765. The reason for tracing these two particular family lines is their meeting in the marriage of James Henry Ewing of the second part of this volume to Eleanor Jane Rhea of the first in the year 1852."
Cover Page
Reprint Information
Part I: (Thomas Ewing m. Mary Maskell)
Part II: (William Ewing m. Eleanor Thompson)
Part III: (James Ewing m. Eleanor Rhea)
Appendix A (Early Immigration and Settlement Information)
Appendix B (Tea Burning in Greenwich, NJ)
Appendix C (William Findley Information)
Appendix D (William Findley Letters)
Appendix E (Eleanor Findley Caruthers Letter)
Appendix F (John Rhea Information)
Appendix G (Sons of the Revolution Information)
Appendix H: Partial Classification by Vocation
Appendix I: Will of Mary Findley
Appendix J: Isabella Ewing-Manasseh Coyle
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