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George D. Ewing Memoirs

George D. Ewing
Pattonsburg Call
Pattonsburg, Missouri, 1922

Transcribed by Alan C. Ewing, July 2008

A narrative description of the life and times of the paternal and maternal ancestors of George Douglas Ewing who was born in 1842. The coverage extends back two generations. On the paternal side, this leads to James Ewing (c1777-1833/34).
Title Page
Chapter 1: Paternal Ancestry (Birthplace of my father's parents - Grandfather Ewing's Business - My Grandmother's School Advantages - Their Marriage - Coming to the United States - Their Long Ocean Voyage - Their Coming to Kentucky - The First High School for Girls in the State)
Chapter 2: Paternal Ancestry (The Roving Disposition of Douglas Ewing - His Death, at New Orleans, Louisiana - The Separation of the two children - The marriage of the children of our grandparents - Father and Mother's Marriage)
Chapter 3: Paternal Ancestry (Marriages of Father and Mother's children and other members of their family - Army Service - Deaths)
Chapter 4: Paternal Ancestry (Grandfather and Grandmother's appreciation of the liberties accorded the people in America - What they thought was necessary to attain a high national standing - Grand-father's speech to county court - Lack of high educational advantages, balanced by strong, practical common sense)
Chapter 5: Paternal Ancestry (T. C. Beasley and wife's European trip - The great maritime port of Liverpool - Sights seen in London - Touring Ireland and some of the sights seen - On to Scotland - Edinburgh, Firth of Forth, Edinburgh University, Stirling Castle, the old home of Sir Walter Scott, the Old and New Bridges)
Chapter 6: Maternal Ancestry (The birth of Abel Robbins and Mary Davis Watkins, who became his wife. The father of Abel Robbins - He was a soldier in the American Army - Was killed in the battle of Yorktown - His mother's second marriage)
Chapter 7: Maternal Ancestry (Life and trials with second husband - His desire to make money - Also, for a good name in the community)
Chapter 8: Maternal Ancestry (Travels to Kentucky- Removal from Pennsylvania to Kentucky, of the Evan Watkins family - Abel Robbins as a Surveyor, and acquaintances made - Contracts for farm - The little log cabin - His future wife's opinion of it)
Chapter 9: Maternal Ancestry (My boyhood visit to Grandfather's - His many recitals to me of his early life - The many childish questions I would ask him - The Watkins thrift - Watkins percent - Faithfulness of the Negroes)
Chapter 10: Maternal Ancestry (The removal of John Robbins and family from Virginia to Indiana - Their thrift in new location - Family prayers - The marriages of ten of Grandfather's children - Tribute to my parents)
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