Clan Ewing in America

Ewing in Early America
Margaret Ewing Fife (ed. James R. McMichael)

From the Author, Margaret Ewing Fife:

"This Manuscript is a Work or Study whereby I present a few early EWING out of all those who have not, heretofore, been documented. I also present changes to some Genealogies already in print which are indicated by additional findings. ... My PURPOSE, then, is to present all these people in the hope that additions, corrections, and discussions will bring us all closer together no matter who our EWING ancestor."

From the Editor, James R. McMichael:

"[Margaret's] book ... was [originally] published in 1995. The task that Margaret undertook to separate many of the early Ewing families was almost an impossible [one]. She had researched the Ewing families for many years.  ... 

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When I first corresponded with [her] about helping ... with the revision of her book, I anticipated putting the information into my word processor and doing some minor editing. Of course marking the copy for indexing would be a major part of the work that I would do. However, based on the circumstances, I have added some new information. Also, some corrections have been made to correct information that was in the original book."

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About this Information

This online posting duplicates what was published in 2003. It will eventually be annotated with corrections and additions, perhaps eventually leading to the printing of a new version. 

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Using this Information

There are several ways to access the information in this online version of EWING in Early America:

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  • The following provides links to the various Chapters:

link No. Title pages
show I The Name Ewing 1-6
show II Ewing in Scotland 7-12
show III Ewing in Ireland 13-18
show IV Ewing Comes to America 19-19
show V Earliest Published American Writings About Ewing 20-23
show VI Ewing in early New Jersey 1718 24-30
show VII 1722 - James Ewing of Hunterdon County, N.J. 31-40
show VIII 1745 - John Ewan of Salem County, N.J. 41-43
show IX William Ewing (1728-1790) & James Ewing (1755-1806) 44-52
show X John Ewin of Burlington County, N.J. 53-53
show XI John Ewing (1648-1745) of Carnshanaugh 54-86
show XII William Ewing (1749-1814) 87-89
show XIII James Ewing and his move from Hunterdon Co., N.J. 90-108
show XIV James Ewing and 1) Jane Lindsay, 2) Eleanor Gillespie 109-111
show XV John, Alexander and William Ewing of Chester County 112-123
show XVI Ester Ewing Married James Cowden 124-129
show XVII "Old Uncle Henry Ewing" (1701-11782) 130-140
show XVIII Mathew Cowden/Cowdon 141-143
show XIX Hugh McClelan 144-147
show XX John Ewing (1698/9 -) of East Nottingham 148-157
show XXI William Ewing (1762 - 2 June 1837) 158-166
show XXII Ewing / Frazier / Gillespie / Porter Families 167-171
show XXIII Alexander Ewing (1676/7 - 1738) 172-185
show XXIV Nathaniel Ewing (1693 - 1748) 186-200
show XXV Joshua Ewing (c1704 - 1753) 201-213
show XXVI Samuel Ewing (c1705 - 1758) 214-225
show XXVII William Ewing (1700-1782) 226-234
show XXVIII James Ewing (1712 - c1788) 235-250
show XXIX George Ewing (c1715 - 1798) 251-255
show XXX Anne Ewing and George Gillespie 256-264
show XXXI John Ewing (1695 - 1751) married Elizabeth __?__ 264-274
show XXXII William Ewing (c1696 - 1794) of Rockingham Co., VA 275-297
show XXXIII Samuel Ewing (c1701 - 1772) 298-308
show XXXIV William Ewing and Jane (Robertson) Ewing 309-314
show XXXV Thomas Ewing (c1700 - 1741) 315-320
show XXXVI John Ewing (c1713 - 1768) 321-326
show XXXVII James Ewing (c1720/5 - 1776) 327-333
show XXXVIII William ewing (c1709 - c1771/3) 334-367
show XXXIX William Ewing (c1706 - b 5 December 1774) 368-381
show XXXX William Ewing of Harford Co. MD (c1755/6 - 1825) 382-391
show XXXXI James Ewing of Inch Island in Lough Swilly, Ireland 392-396
show XXXXII A Word ... about those Early Ewings Who are Left Out 396-397
show XXXXIII The Ewings of Georgia 388-432

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Reporting Errors, Corrections or Additions

If you find errors in this material, or would like to propose corrections or additions, please contact the material's Editor/Maintainer James R. McMichael (JimMcMcl at gmail dot com).

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