Ewing Family Association

Elbert William
Robinson Ewing

From a photograph

taken in 1919.
Clan Ewing of Scotland
E. W. R. Ewing, A.M., LL.B., LL.D.
Transcribed by Patricia E. Hammond

From the author:

"This sketch treats ... some of the American Ewing families which are descended from ancient Clan Ewing of Scotland. Bearing a similar name, there were other early clans of that country in no way connected with or related to our clan, such as the McEwens, the Ewens; and probably in later times some of their descendants came to spell the name Ewing, though not related to or descended from the clan from which I trace the families of which I here specially write.

"For light upon our clan and its descendants, all sources of information, primary and secondary, accessible in all the larger libraries of the United States, have been consulted. Much of this material consists of

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original Scotch and Irish records of one kind or another that have been published and are to be had in the larger libraries. This information has been supplemented by examinations of unpublished records in both Scotland and Ireland.

"Outside of the libraries, in this country the primary sources of our information are the hundreds of deeds, wills, and court entries found in the clerks’ offices of the several counties in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina and other States where our early American ancestors lived.  A very large number of these were examined. ..."

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About this Information

This online posting was made possible by Pat Hammond; she has spent many, many hours transcribing and proofing the material. It duplicates what E.W.R. Ewing published in 1922. Extra care has been taken to keep the text as it was originally published, but spelling and grammar changes have been made when they are obviously appropriate.

There are also errors of fact in this book that we have not corrected. Over time, we plan to add annotations that will clear up some of these errors. In particular, new information found over the past 85 years allows us to correct the lineage of a few Ewings presented in this book. 

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  • Table of Contents

link Chpt Title original pages
show   Cover, Title Page, Copyright, etc.  cover
  1 - 14
show I Which Ewings and Why 15 - 18
show II Albion – Britain – Caledonia 19 - 24
show III Hibernia – Scotia – Ireland 25 - 29
show IV New Scotia – The Teutonic Kingdoms – Scotland 30 - 48
show V The Early Form of the Ewing Name in Scots and Gaelic Highland Records 49 - 60
show VI The Ewings of the Lowland Stock 61 - 80
show VII Ewen's Son Kentigern, 500 to 570 A. D. 81 - 86
show VIII Our Ewings Distinguished from the MacEwens 87 - 96
show IX Origins of the Ewing Name   97 - 100
show X Our Racial Characteristics – Border-Highland Home and Neighbor 101 - 110
show XI Out of Scotland and In Ireland 111 - 122
show XII Out of Ulster to America 123 - 135
show XIII Our First American Ewings 136 - 160
show XIV Maryland and Virginia Septs 161 - 181
show XV Lee County, Virginia, and Indiana Branches 182 - 197
show XVI Samuel Ewing of Lee County, Virginia 198 - 204
show XVII Samuel Ewing of Prince Edward, Virginia 205 - 206
show XVIII George Ewing of Amelia and Wythe, Virginia 207 - 212
show XIX George Ewing of Montgomery County, Virginia, and Blount County, Tennessee 213 - 220
show XX A Maryland-North Carolina Branch 221 - 225
show XXI William Ewing of Sligo, Ireland 226 - 227
show XXII Other Cecil County, Maryland, Ewings 228 - 229
show XXIII Descendants of John Ewing of Penna.-Ohio 230 - 232
show XXIV Bedford County, Virginia, Branches - Robert Ewing Descendants 233 - 246
show XXV Bedford County Family Continued - Charles Ewing and Descendants 247 - 254
show XXVI The William Ewing Family of Rockingham County, Virginia 255 - 283
show XXVII Montgomery and Lee County, Virginia, Branches - John, William, Alex and Others 284 - 308
show XXVIII Some Virginia-Tennessee Alexander Ewings 309 - 315
show XXIX The West Virginia Septs 316 - 343
show XXX The West Virginia Septs Continued 344 - 347
show XXXI The Hon. Thomas Ewing Family, Ohio 348 - 352
show XXXII Ewing Arms as Evidence of Pedigree 353 - 375
show XXXIII Audaciter! - Vestigia Nulla Restrorsum 376 - 382

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Reporting Errors, Corrections or Additions

If you find errors in this material, or would like to propose corrections or additions, please contact James R. McMichael (JimMcMcl at gmail dot com).

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