Alexander Ewing (1676/7-1738) & Descendants
Compiled by James R. McMichael and Privately Printed, 1999

This book contains 27 chapters and 590 pages, plus the index. The index contains over 7,000 names.

The Robert Ewing family is the first family discussed. Based on church baptism records in Ireland, three children have been identified for him. A daughter Margaret Ewing married Josiah Porter. Their daughter Rachel Porter married Nathaniel Ewing. A son, James Porter, of Margaret and Josiah came to the colonies and married here. Three of his daughters married into the Ewing family.

Although the book is primarily about the descendants of Alexander Ewing, a chapter is devoted to William Ewing, the father of Nathaniel. Some researchers have indicated that William is a brother to Robert, but I have not found evidence that would prove or disprove this. William had several children by two wives. Information for the children of William is included. Nathaniel, his half-sister, and his half-brothers came to the colonies around 1725 to 1727.

Due to the number of marriages between Porter and Ewing and Ewing and Ewing, I thought that my book should include these people. They may all be cousins to Alexander's descendants. We do know that they lived close to each other in Chester County and Cecil County when they first came to the colonies. It is said that Rachel Porter married her cousin, Nathaniel Ewing. We do not know if they are actually cousins, but, if they are, it could be on the Porter or Ewing family lines.

A good bit of information is included about the early Porter families in the Cecil County area. Alexander's two daughters, Eleanor and Margaret, each married men named Andrew Porter. Also, James Porter had a son name Andrew. There were at least three men named Andrew Porter living close to each other when they married in Cecil County, Maryland.

Some published records, claim that Margaret, a daughter of Alexander, married Robert Porter. That is not the case. Margaret actually married a man named Andrew Porter and not the same one that her sister married. The wills and other records presented the chapters give enough information that a person can see who belongs to each family and how the mix -up may have happened.

Some of the current generations have been removed from the chapters. I am not comfortable with publishing births, marriages, and other personal data about a living person on the WWW. All of the names included in the book are in the index, but detailed information is not included.

Some the chapters are rather long, but, using the index and the browser "find" function, a person should be able to determine if the Ewing sought is part of the family presented in this book.

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