The data presented here result from an analysis, verification, validation and integration of data provided by many genealogists and descendants. The data from these sources have been augmented by data developed by me concerning Squire James Ewing and his descendants and collateral families. All of this data has been further elaborated with information from primary sources (Wills, Estate Administration Filings, Guardianship Petitions, etc.) as well as other sources such as cemetery readings and my personal analysis of the Federal Census Records of 1790 through 1880 for Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, and, in a few cases, nearby counties.

Fife's Ewing in America

The major, base source is Margaret Ewing Fife's Ewing in America: Note that only about 85% of the data in Fife's book has been captured to date. For example, data for the descendants of Esther (d/o James Ewing of Inch) have not yet been captured.

Information from Other Genealogists

Data developed by several additional genealogists have been used to confirm and augment the data developed by Fife and myself. These other genealogists include: Dennis Ardinger, Jerry Leeper, Jane McCandless, Dorothy Parry, Kriss Replogle, Leona Scott, Irene Taylor and Jean Walker.

Information from Descendants

In addition, several descendants have provided data used to confirm or augment the information provided by myself, by Fife and by other genealogists (the meaning of the color coding is explained at the end of the following charts):